This is IT.  Forget the past. It’s time to look ahead to what’s in store for 2018, and all in all a big part of that is taking into account on what are we going to face,

Agreed or not, all these leads to one point:

Couture is YOU.


What is Couture is YOU?

No one but YOU to define your fashion.

YOU are the Superstar

Don’t follow the norm.

Believe in Freedom

‘I-want-what-I-want-to-wear’ perspective

And now Ladies and Gentleman,

We are honored to bring your STYLE into a reality

Where this is the key part of our job.


Welcome to Tomorrow Showtime.

A PLATFORM where EVERYONE can shine



Since its opening, we have more than 2000 varieties of products ranging from Shoes, Bags and Caps, 3000 different types of Accessories for everyone to personalise and customise their design onto our products. Portraying an Art Gallery vibe where every patron can ENJOY a unique experience that cannot be found in other Fashion retail stores in Kuala Lumpur. All these comes together with a Café.

Here’s the video about our overall conceptual boutique. Thank you Shini Lola for featuring us!  

(Take note: Only the First 15 seconds is in Mandarin).


Brace yourself for our one of a kind Creative hues


I’m Like A Bird, I’ll Only Fly Away



Introducing a place where everyone can CREATE “Couture is You”

Built in 30 ft long, Couture is You (CIY) Bar is

A “perfect place” that has been designed to showcase yourself through Fashion & Art

The largest Couture is You Customisation (Personalisation) Bar in Malaysia, where you can personalise and add-on your style onto either Shoe, Bags, Caps and other Accessories etc.


 What else?

A place where we keep the love and hope in a photograph and make  memories for ourselves. YES, we have tons of Insta-worthy spots for you pose like a superstar.






You name it. We have a variety of product ranges from Shoes, Bags & Accessories

With 2000 SKUs, categorised by each of these sections ;

Streetstyle, Casual, Office, Party & etc.

You can see in this link HERE






EXPLORE, EXPRESS freely your creativity at every level;

DESIGN your very own style on our products;

Our CIY (Couture is You) specialist at our CIY Bar,

ready to help in stimulating ideas and turn your STYLE comes to life!

Play around on your own style with different kinds of embellishment onto the products,



Get ready to wear and show it to the world!

A MUST destination where you can find the perfect gift for anyone!



Tired after shopping?

Want to take a break while shopping?

We have a Recharge Station for you to sit back, relax and enjoy!



Enjoy ALL Delicacies, Pastries, Cakes, Tea, Coffee & Desserts at our Cafe!

Good news is now we have Sandwiches and All-Day Breakfast!




Pictures and words can never truly able to explain how spacious our boutique is!

Visit us, and you will know what we meant:). For more information, head over to Our Story page.