Introducing Leon Collective or @leoncollective as his Instagram handle, is a very creative, extraordinary artist & design student based in Stuttgart, Germany. Well known for his crazy, out of the box accessories & dress creations for his multiple photoshoots. He often uses accessories that you will not think of for his creations. All this before knowing how to sew or going to design school (he wasn’t in design school yet when we first contacted him).

His creative mind often does confuse you a little bit but we all do agree, his works is simply sublime. Take this piece for example. An out of this mind bodice creation that is simply a work of art.



Headpiece from Leon Collective made with zip ties


Bodice – the part of a woman’s dress (excluding the sleeves) which is above the waist



 He take iconic designers such as Alexander McQueen, Iris Van Herpen and Gareth Pugh as his inspiration. He note that their out of this world design ideas are very simplistic, and yet highly complicated. This is what keeps inspiring him and it showed on his designs.


– This is Couture Is You –


We collaborated with Leon Collective at the end of 2017 with a goal in mind. Which is to promote his creative prowess using our very own signature silhouette in the current collection, the Bianco.

All white Bianco sneaker with added on customised wings


Why did we choose this collection for this collaboration? Well, mainly because it is all white and it is a white canvas for Leon Collective to play with in terms of designs. And also it is a very versatile sneaker that suits all age groups and makes you look taller!


Our first interaction with Leon Collective was on Instagram as we were really impressed with his design work. We approach him prior to our store opening and wanted his input of a design on our Bianco Collection. The design will be then displayed in our Showtime area. Here is a simple sketch from Leon Collective himself drawing out the design.



Design sketch from Leon Collective



With the help from our creative team Ian and Wesley, we managed to recreate Leon Collective’s design onto the shoe. Check out Leon Collective’s design with the all white accessories!


All white accessories – studs, chains and signature wordings. Shoe is retailed at RM192.45 @ Size 7



You can check out Leon Collective’s design in our boutique located at Berjaya Times Square. For more information on our boutique whereabouts click here. Also, check out his Instagram page @leoncollective and also some snippets of his up and coming Summer 2018 exhibition.