Introducing our Humans of Tomorrow


Marketing Manager

The Woman behind all marketing plans and strategies

I studied International Business and Marketing at Taylor’s University. I enjoyed my entire experience there discovering and learning about different ways and alternatives to market a brand, and its products. There is so much more to marketing beyond its surface. Behind the beautiful posters, happening events, and a successful brand, there is a strong marketing team that’re probably brain dead from constantly pumping out ideas – and being rejected, of course. But we love what we do, at least I do. Everyone has ideas, but whether it works and has an effective response, is what makes it a good idea. You can have 10 unique and innovative concepts floating in your head, but there isn’t a point if none of them can be executed. It has been a challenging journey for me. There have been times where frustration gets the better of me and I feel like giving up, but through it all, I always remind myself why I’m here in the first place – and without challenges, we don’t grow. You will learn nothing in stagnant waters. So even when the waves are crashing hard onto you, don’t give up. Keep pushing back. Anything can be achieved if you have the passion for it.