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Graphic Designer

The Man behind all creative, beautiful digital artworks on our Instagram

One of our boutique creative artworks creator

Lucky for me, I have always had the support from my parents. The only person that doubted me, was me! After high school, I wanted to just go with the flow and take up A-levels, but my mother kept encouraging me to pursue something in the creative field. She said she didn’t think I’d do well in A-levels, not because I couldn’t study, but because I had no passion for it. So I took a leap and decided on Fashion Design. Throughout the first two years in fashion school, I always doubted myself – compared myself to my peers. Always trying to be the best. Kiasu, I know. But eventually I came to realize, it wasn’t me trying to prove to others that I was better than them, but it was me trying to prove to myself that I was right where I should be, and that I deserved it. Funny thing is, in school, I was one of the few that never listened to my lecturers when it came to design, but they had confidence in my work. My friends would tell me, “Why is it okay when you don’t listen to Meeran, but when I don’t, she scolds me?” And my defiance paid off, I got the Best Fashion Design Award in my year! I’m not saying, don’t listen to critiques, but take everything with a grain of salt. And always, have confidence in your work – because you’ll never convince someone else when you have yet to convince yourself! Do what makes YOU happy.