Introducing our Humans of Tomorrow


Boutique Manager

The Woman behind retail and creative artwork in our boutique

When I was kid, I had only ever dreamt of being an artist. I didn’t have many friends because I was always quiet in class. The only friend I had was art and of course – I loved to draw, as well as craft. I still remember drawing piece after piece and giving to my parents, and everytime, they’d stick it on the wall of our house. It came to a point where we didn’t have enough space on the walls because it was completely filled. In senior high school, I decided to go for the art stream, naturally. I did not enjoy it because people didn’t take art class seriously, not even the teachers. The syllabus only ever went in a straight line – I couldn’t do what I wanted, and had to follow a certain style. I couldn’t go to college because my family couldn’t support me, so, I started working at a very early age. I was a promoter at first, moving up slowly to the ranks of manager. I’m happy with where I am now, my job supports my passion, art. Find a passion in life, whatever it may be, and live for that.