Introducing our Humans of Tomorrow


Creative Director

The Woman behind all creative Art Installation in our boutique

I don’t strive for my goals because I don’t have one, but I strive for my interests. I don’t want to lock myself to pursue for only one thing. If I specify myself to only one goal I might avoid anything that doesn’t benefit or help me in achieving that goal. I was graduated as a Fashion Designer but now I’m working in a company that has nothing to do with garments but I’m happy with it. I get to experience and learn more out of my comfort zone. What I’m glad is that I’ve found some new interests too. I wouldn’t want to be called as a fashion designer anyway because people will assume I’m only good at making clothes. I’m interested in Art and creativity. It’s something very wide and I know there’s a lot I can explore. I think it’s okay to have an uncertain future. Uncertainty brings you more opportunities because you’re open up to different pathways and not locked to a specific one. As long as you live in the moment, enjoy what you’re doing and be respectful towards your creations and never lower down your standard of creativity just to avoid rejections.