There is an angel named Min Miu aged
50, who suffers from Down Syndrome, is
one of the most Special angels we ever
met. Her vibrant smile and positive
outlook whenever we come to visit her
and the others left a huge impression on
us. Despite what she has been going
through, she stays positive, giving hugs
to everyone she sees and kisses too. What
stands out too is that she always have a
magazine on her hand and she will point
to everyone she sees, to show that she is
the model on the front magazine.

After spending time with her, we learned
that her dream is to become a MODEL,
she wants to be in the COVER of a
magazine. She loves music and dancing.
Whenever we see her, she would want us
to dance with her, hug her and she will
always give us sweet kisses, never fail.
Learning that people with Down Syndrome
usually don’t get pass 40 years old, Min
Miu, now 50 years old has proven that