Tomorrow Showtime is a fashion company formed by a team of young creative talents who thrives to
create something different in which bridges both art and fashion. Unlike traditional retail experience,
we want to be a brand that engage and connects closely with the customers. There will be no
judgement or discrimination as we include everyone in all aspects of life. We believe everyone is
unique and everyone has their own story and dreams. We want to create a Community that support
all sorts of talents by collaborating with them to create a unique experience that could be shared with
the public. Everyone deserves an opportunity and that once chance could change their life. As a
Fashion brand, we can provide our platform to do so and grow together through their journey.

How we come about this Design With Love Campaign?
In the past few years, Tomorrow Showtime staffs has been visiting this facility and fell in love with the
angels that are living there. Despite their life condition, they remained happy and welcomed us with
smiles and hugs whenever we visit. This facility is far from the city as it will be dangerous for them to
roam outside with all the busy vehicles passing by.
There is an angel named Min Miu aged 50, who suffers from Down Syndrome, is one of the most
Special angels we ever met. Her vibrant smile and positive outlook whenever we come to visit her and
the others left a huge impression on us. Despite what she has been going through, she stays positive,
giving hugs to everyone she sees and kisses too. What stands out too is that she always have a
magazine on her hand and she will point to everyone she sees, to show that she is the model on the
front magazine.
After spending time with her, we learned that her dream is to become a MODEL, she wants to be in
the COVER of a magazine. She loves music and dancing. Whenever we see her, she would want us to
dance with her, hug her and she will always give us sweet kisses, never fail. Learning that people with
Down Syndrome usually don’t get pass 40 years old, Min Miu, now 50 years old has proven that wrong.
There are 3 values in which we hold dearly- LOVE, HOPE and CREATIVITY hence we created a fashion
photoshoot with these angels to create a beautiful memory together, to make them feel special. We
were happy we could make Min Mui happy as her dream is to be a model for a magazine cover. She
has such a radiant vibe, puts a smile in everyone’s face. Looking at her dancing to music on set, smiling
and hugging every time, just makes us forget about the bad things in life and enjoy the moment

What we learn or remind ourselves about, from this experience is that, everyone’s life matters despite
our differences. Just because they suffered some illness, or some disorder, doesn’t mean they don’t
have dreams or passion in their life. They are human being and Children of God. They deserve to be
happy and should be given opportunities to make their dream come true.
We were also able to spend time with the other angels, and they love art, colors and crafts. Art has no
limit; it brings happiness to people. It amazes us how creative they are, and if you look closely through
their art, there is a story in each of them.
However, these facilities do not have enough funding to provide the necessary everyday life items to
take care of these angels. It saddens us as they deserve to be happy and have a better life.
Hence, as a fashion company, we want to use this platform to lend a helping hand, to create awareness
that we can help others who needs it. Reminding people that a little help could change someone’s life.
Every one’s life matters and lets make this world, their world too, more beautiful.

What we hope to achieve in this campaign?
Great things can’t be achieved solely by one person. It will be more fruitful by joining forces
with people in all aspect of live and background to help those angels in need. A little help
could mean the world for another. Why not lend a helping hand, spread love and we could
make their life much better?
We will be donating necessities for their daily lifestyle, so they could be taken care of
properly. With the donated amount by the public and by our own Tomorrow Showtime, we
will deliver the items to the facility so they can use it right away. Any other form of
donations is welcomed too.
We hope we could encourage people to join this campaign together to create something so
amazing and help make some of their dream come true in which for the first one- would be
creating a beautiful fashion show dedicated to our beautiful angels. Let them have the
chance to shine, share the amazing experience together. Prior to that, we will also arrange
visit to the facility to spend time with the angels and let them know they are being loved by
many people.